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If you are looking to earn additional revenue by simply adding a small banner or link on any page of the site you have come to the right place! Omnistar Interactive offers a comprehensive Affiliate program where you can refer others to us and earn a 20% one-time commission on every sale that is made from one of your referred customers. It’s as simple as that. All you do is place a banner or text link anywhere on your site and then sit back and watch your sales commission’s role in!

Getting Started is Easy. Simply follow these easy steps:

1. Join today by filling out our brief sign up form.

2. Download banners and links and add to your site.

3. Sit back and let your visitors click on the banners!

4. Earn 20% commission on every sale that is made!

Receiving Sale Commissions

Our affiliate program is managed by the affiliate network which handles all the statistics, tracking and payments. Whenever a sale is made from your site you will be able to see a report listing all the sales that you have generated in your online control panel. Each month will send you a payment for the amount that you earned during the last 30 days.

Why Become an Omnistar Affiliate?

Becoming an Omnistar Affiliate is really a no-brainer! The only thing you really have to do is fill out a brief sign up form which takes 2 minutes and then you simply add banners to your site. If you are a webmaster, web developer, hosting provider or any type of Internet technology provider then our products fall right in line with what you already do, so you are guaranteed to have success with our program.

Tracking Visitors and Sales

If you are wondering how a sale will be tracked from a visitor that comes to your site and then makes a sale on your site days later, rest assured that you will still get credit for the sale! We know that most visitors may need to make few visits to our sites before they decide to purchase, so our program uses visitor IP tracking and persistent cookies. The cookies are stored on your visitor’s computer for 6 months, so if they come back to our site any time in that six month period and make a sale from us, then you will get credit.



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Omnistar Recruiting Software had been in the back of my mind for sometime as a contender for job site software. The cost, support and ease of use was a no brainer when making the final decision.

Jamie Summers

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